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Jump to top button

This works more or less the same way the current beta on Android does. Once the user starts scrolling up, the floating button appears, and they can tap it to jump back to the top of the screen

Open prototype

Collapse & scroll to sections button

If any sections are open the floating button is present. Tapping the button closes all sections and scrolls to the top of the sections list.

Open prototype

Sticky section headers

Section headers are sticky when sections are open, making it easy to collapse the current section and then jump into a differenent section. One argument for this is that it doesn't introduce any additional elements on the page.

Open prototype

Table of contents header menu

Similar to what we do on iOS and Android, as well as a feature available on MediaWiki. Users can easily access a table of contents for the article and jump around. I don't love how this is duplicative of the section collapsed headers, which are effectively already a table of contents.

Open prototype

Sticky section headers becomes toc when stuck

Combination of the two above concepts, wherein section headers are sticky and when stuck turn into triggers for the toc menu.

Open prototype